- Implemented CJOC relocation; first-line detection/observation sustained--met TAAC-S HQ directives 1 month early For a "stellar" maintainer. Good examples and instruction. - Completed DOD directed ILO training at Ft. Dix, logged 600+ tng hrs--ready to perform detainee op mission, - Completed 600+ hrs of ILO tng; skills executed down range--increased security for FP/detainee ops mission, - Completed 60+ hours of ILO training; skills vital for GWOT--increased security for FP/detainee ops mission, - Completed 600+ hours ILO training at Ft. Lewis, improved detainee ops skills--ready to perform ILO mission, - Swift actions led to the apprehension of a suspect and recovery of $100.00 in Base Exchange property. - Directed gate runner resp; coord'd 5 patrols/initiated veh challenge/detained/processed subj--sec'd AMC's lrgst Wg/26K - Created quick reference guide for un-escorted NCIC access requirements--streamlined process for background checks - Steered patrols to 4 alarms activations; sec'd scene/est'd cordon/purged facs--ensured 4K combat sorties ISO 5 COCOMs - Expedited $100M COVID-19 med msn; vett'd 600+ vehs & driver's/cleared supplies/PPE kits--slashed India's rt by 85% - Dispatched to four bldg alarms; established 360 of affected bldg--ensured all military assets were safe/secure - Screened/vetted 60 local national workers; aided completion of 125 projects--$600M construction completed - Validated flight airfield license training program; 30+ Airmen in deployed location-- all recieved airfld license - Responded to domestic disturbance; utilized swift intervention to defuse incident--enabled peaceful resolution - Facilitated afld projs; SLRTI placed/AM2 road created/SF man-pwr rvw--4 mil pax gain/elim'd EOSS escort burdens Marshals with seven transfers of 50 DoJ high-risk prisoners; secured transports/aircrafts-- 0 incidents - Program Manger & VCO; instituted recommendations to eliminate accidents for GOV--excuted mnthly safty brfs, - Protected POTUS/VPOTUS & DV arrivals/departures; cleared travel routes--secured top US & world leaders PRIMARY/ADDITIONAL DUTIES - Deply'd as Unit Intel Liaison to Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia; performed AT/FP f/$1B in AF assets--zero loss - Prep'd/conducted 20 jt Intel briefs w/OSI; 174 SF mbrs current on threat--1.2K mbrs/three commands secured - Provided background . Assisted with detail for USEUCOM/CC--coined by Naval Flag Officer for his professionalism - Dispatched to seven med emergencies; cleared incident areas--ensured victims safety until paramedic arrival, - Dispatched to sexual assault incident; coordinated response with SARC--violator apprehended & prosecuted, - Dispatched to theft of prescription narcotics; interviewed witnesses/id'd subject--criminal apprehended/cited, - Dispatched to three alarm activations; analyzed situations and directed responding forces--secu, - Escorted ambulances to five E911 calls; expedious response prevented loss of life--ensured personnel safety, - Escorted EMT prsnl to 10+ 911 dispatches; expedited aid/prevented loss of life--ensured safety of AW prsnl, - Directed domestic violence response; suspect detained/order restored--increase responsibility & promote now, - Directed emergency actions during suspicious package call; cordoned/evacuated area--no loss of life/property, - Directed emergency response for attempted suicide; secured incident scene--quick actions saved victim's life, - Investigated 2 shoplifting incidents; reviewed security tapes/collected evidence--executed apprehension, - Coordinated Security Forces response to shoplifting where two suspects fled the Hickam Base Exchange, - Coordinated SF response to four shopliftings; $200+ in AAFES merchandise recovered--four criminals barred, - Detained & processed eight prsnl for shoplifting; recovered $700+ of AAFES property--eight criminals barred, - Detained & processed one individual for shoplifting; recovered $300 of AAFES property--issued one barment, - Detained & processed two prsnl for shoplifting; recovered $400 of AAFES property--issued two barments, - Detained/charged/processed eight prsnl for shoplifting; recovered $1K+ of AAFES property--criminals barred, - Detained/processed six personnel for shoplifting; $2K in AAFES merchandise recovered--six barments issued, - Detained/processed three BX shoplifters; $800 in AAFES merchandise recovered--three base barments issued, - Detained/processed three prsnl for shoplifting; $300 in AAFES merchandise recovered--three barments issued, - Detained/processed two shopliftings at the BX; $150 worth of stolen property recovered--two barments issued, - Vol'd 40 hrs at kennels; enhanced K9 QoL w/fac mnx, detection/patrol trng f/9 MWDs/6 handlers--cert'd DoD rqrmts, - Executed EDD for Army's only combat tracking K-9 tm; 50+ routes cleared--ensured safe passage for K-9 tms, - Completed DODs MWD Handlers course; awarded "Top Dog" awd--first amongst 15 AF/Army K-9 handlers, - Oversaw K-9 training program; eight tms validated & certified/6K hr effort--key to 1K RAMs/$15B in assets secured, - Delivered EDD support f/ eight Secret Service msns; oversaw IED sweeps f/ POTUS/SECDEF/SECAF--incident free, - Led three EDD teams on 300+ K9 sweeps during 08 MAFB Air Expo--377K prsnl enjoyed incident free event, - Aided 7 BW/OSI w/ Op Cheech/Chong; 50 urinalysis/three dorm searches--deterred contraband from entering DAFB, - Governed accountability of narcotics & explosives; $500K of proficiency training aids secured--zero inventory losses, - AT/MWD SME; selected to augment AFGSC/IG f/ CUI 2 BW; selected inspections #1 augmenter/coined by IG, - Tracked all SAV team MWD write-ups until closed out; zero during UCI--"Excellent" unit UCI rating; promote, - Selflessly volunteered for 7 on/off base MWD demos--300 ROTC/civilian/MAFB prsnl briefed on K-9 ethics, - Attended rigorous 21 day Jt Force MWD tng w/USMC; sharpened K-9 team skills--enhanced msn effectiveness, - Attended five day Jt MWD FTX w/Ft Lewis infantry; honed K-9 trainer skills--strengthened interservice ties, - Supervised 12 explosive detection sweeps for 13 DV/VIPs--ensured an explosive free environment each time, - Completed 100+ hrs jt tng; 30 int l service CCs briefed on AOR MWD Pgm--educated ldrs on K-9 utilization. - Mng'd sec prep f/sub emer mx; led 18 mbrs/setup ctrl twr/1K ft boundary--restored $4B nuke msn cape/4 days - Establish'd Alarm Working Grp; directed 30-mbr tm; ID'd Intrusion Detection issues to SF/CC--prep'd section - Deployed 180+ days ISO OIR/OFS; bolstered sec $7.9B ofacft/assets & 3.4K CF prsnl--ensured 15 bombs on target - Detected DUI & subj w/load'd firearm; translat'd SFSTs f/lcl PD/both charged--subjs prosecuted/barred from installation Public database of EPR, OPR, and Award Bullets. - Revised AFCENT FAST instrn; defined msn specific rqmts for 72 mbrs--mitigated inconsistent AO standards - First responder to suicide attempt; assisted First Sergeant with dorm insp/seized narcotics--member's life saved, - First respondor to distressed vessel; 3 persons recovered/transported back to shore; averted further danger I got my EPR back and saw that I had volunteered XX hours for local "Save The Labradors" event and rescued XX dogs. - Responded to two Helping Hand situations; restored integrity of flightline & PL assets--operations unhampered, - Performed C2 for two Helping Hands; set up cordons/sanitized areas; zero damage to PL resources--consider, - Natural ldr! ATTP 5 0 1 Staff Military Executive Officer. Back to EPR Bullets. - Oversaw $3M of equipment supporting 7 SOF crs's; enabled 500 hrs ATW trng--qual'd 308 joint warriors f/deployed ops - Upgraded ECP; source&installed 65" CCTV monitor/PCs/shredder/chairs/veridesks--improved QOL 88sfs personnel - Calm under pressure; responded to a volatile domestic dispute--quickly diffused situation and restored order, - CATM instructor, personally engaged in training over 50 operators in 13 different weapon systems - Sec'd LZ nightops f/mil/civil relief msns; XX A/C, XX tons cargo, XXX prsnl, XX fire msns--crit POTUS msn rqmts, - Secured foreign dignitary aircraft, controlled security movement locations--allowed for safe arrival/departure - Performed 31 joint USSS/SF DV details; secured arrival/departure of acft/personnel--world leaders protected - Dedicated Flight trainer; responsible f/ developing 7 Airmen--accomplished superb 93.5% duty qualification pass rate - Exemplary ldr--displays standards & bearing of highest caliber; one of my best NCOs--promote to MSgt now! Specialty Summary Leads, manages, supervises, and performs security force (SF) activities, including installation, weapon system, and resource security; antiterrorism; law enforcement and investigations; military working dog function; air base defense; armament and equipment; training; pass and registration; information security; and combat arms. - Pioneered new tng plan; redesigned schedule f/150 psnl--add'd 50 tng hrs/reinvested 9K hrs to Amn readiness Elected base 5/6 Vice Pres--mentor'd '14 Staff Amn OTY, NCO OTQ and CCAF degree recipients, - Zealously enforced traffic regulations; conducted traffic stops and educated motorists--increased traffic safety. - Established C2 for 19 IDF salvos/complex attack; expedited QRF posting/PAR sweeps; secured POI/--crushed threats, - Established diverted security; protected 10 JASDF F-15/3 lcl acft--ensured safety f/350 prsnl f/Naha airfield recovery (PPT) Clarification Of Fitness Reporting On Officer And Enlisted Evaluations : Updated guidance for the 08 Calendar Year. Video News CNN. - Assisted U.S. - Executed flt security during 20 high-vis events; POTUS/CSAF/CMSAF/1K guests/200 DVs--superb oversight - ESRT/ISRT Patrol Leader, performing over 100 random Anti-Terrorism Measures ensuring base security - Directed largest munition acct; 770K+ rounds allocated at >$364K--330K+ rounds fired/2.5K pers qual'd - Trusted mentor; trained six newly assigned Amn on flt policy/procedures--increased msn capability/readiness, - Unit OPSEC & Alt Sec Mngr; mng'd 14 MICT line items/auth'd qtrly trng/verified 20 clearances--100% compliance - Provided C2 for inmate transfers; coor'd escorts with AFSFC and TSA--ensured public/inmates safety during transfer - Built flawless workstations and server databases for local system training exercises, Lightscope 03 and Combined Warrior 04--directly responsible for zero failures! - Certified TCCC mbr; successfully completed rigorous 16 hr class--gained priceless lifesaving tools as first responder - Reinforced U.S. - First on-scene at accidental shooting; provided medical attention, processed crime scene--conserved evidence 53 Neighborhood-SNCO 1 yr. ago Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reporting System. - Go to Amn! - Energetic and capable--a proven vital asset to the United States Air Force and Security Forces career field - Assisted in creation of Raven staging area in Kuwait; developed plans/procedures--ensured operational stds, - Assisted in creation of Raven staging area in Kuwait; helped develop plans/procedures--secured acft/assets, - Assisted RAVEN section during Pre-Raven tryouts; prepared ten SF prsnl for rigorous crs--100% pass rate, - Assisted w/annual audit; accounted for $100K in RAVEN eqpmt/supplies--streamlined in processing/recovery, - Briefed AMC/Ft Lewis ldrshp on RAVEN pgm and Joint Basing; lauded for superb brief--coined by AMC/CC, - Completed AMC Phoenix RAVEN crs; graduated as RAVEN #1671--earned six hrs towards his CCAF in CJ, - Completed physically challenging PHOENIX RAVEN crs--obtained skills to protect acft at home and abroad, - Conducted Afld Survey of high profile afld in Iraq; helped AMC TWG create Raven Required Location policy. - Responded to seven medical emergency calls; stabilized situations until arrival of EMS--flawless procedures Not what you did. - Conducted RAVEN demo for local Boyscouts; briefed 20 children; fostered AF/community ties--promote now! - Meticulously executed C2 for 3 AW-level exercises; ID'd discrepancies/improved readiness--praised by EET, - Entry controller for UCI EMX; established cordon for mass casualty scenario--helped garner "Excellent" rating, - Established cordon during UCI EMX; directed response forces--"Excellent" rating for Wg; promote to TSgt, - Established Sq tracking database to meet ancillary requirements; reported as "Outstanding" by 08 UCI officials, - Executed traffic control duties for 08 UCI; maintained cordon integrity--"Excellent" rating for 62d Airlift Wing, - Exemplary squad leader for UCI/EMEX "Break The Base" scenario--squadron garnered an "Excellent" rating. - 152nd SFS Airman of the Year; 152nd AW/Nevada 2010 Airman of the Quarter and Year -- Top 10% nationals, - Accomplished PME; completed 2 bullet writing classes & finished 3 JPME--cultivated NCO leadership expertise - Directed response to mutual assault in housing; arrested suspects and gathered evidence--prevented escalation, - Discovered 2 psnl with warrants; denied violent offenders entry & detained for MPD--safeguarded 26K psnl - Completed Hazardous Material Inspector Crs; oversaw load planning of 8K missions--integral to OEF/OIF spt. - Executed joint IDP SOP with 82d ABN; created seamless joint ops--Sec'd primary SOJTF logistics hub worth $1.6bil Like a tiny acorn that grows into a mighty oak, it all starts with the lowly EPR Bullet. - Performed six vehicle accident investigations; gather'd/comp'd paperwork--restored good order and discipline - Multiplied CROWS ops 82nd Bat; certified 26 prsnl/5 days/fixed 6/11 NMR sys < 7 days--5 EOF western perm def - Painted restrooms in SFS bldg/wrapped gifts for UAC--enhanced Sq appearance/raised $212 for Booster Club, - Hand selected to augment Security Forces--improved manning and security posture for the defense of Kingsley Field, - Processed 600 IDs daily; allowed only authorized personnel on base--prevented unauthorized entry onto installation, - Volunteered 20 hrs monthly as SF augmentee--rectified chronic security deficiency--allowed SF out of 12 hr ops, - Searched 30+ contractors/vendors daily--allowed no unauthorized items--ensured the safety of personnel, resources. - M2 gunner for lrgst OTW SF group since Vietnam; Balad protected--IDF attacks reduced 60% to historic lows The EPR consists of categories of performance that require 4-6 bullets centered on accomplishments in selected areas. - Assisted with runaway case; vigilance and intel gathering proved effective--efforts resulted in apprehension - Assisted SF Training w/domestic violence tng; realistic scenarios for 40 Sq mbrs--honed SF response tactics, - Taught three Ground Combat Skill classes; eight hrs of convoy/combat tactics--fifty SF prep'd for deployed ops, - Taught two week pre-RAVEN crs; trained three candidates on tactics/skills--prepared mbrs for rigorous course, - Taught Verbal Judo skills to Raven selectees; prerequisite before attending formal crs--100 % course pass rate. - Cert'd on UL/UC2 Emrg Mgmt sys; integrated Wing rspns w/IMMS pgm--instant situation updates AUAB wide, - Certified comm focal point redundancy; validated KAB C4I infrastructure--spot forged f/theater security cooperation Some ideas might be to contact a local civil air patrol chapter and see if they wan ABUs, then hold a unit/base ABU drive to collect them. - Sounded alarm as EC during real-world gate runner; textbook procedures--SFS/CC quoted "picture execution" - Detained/cited 19 violators; reinforced local/state traffic laws--efforts ensured safety of base & local populace - Air Boss liaison during Airshow 2010; coord w/venue setup/emergency response personnel; best Airshow ever! - Executes sentry duties--verifying Common Access Cards, ensuring only authorized personnel gain installation access - Deployed to Cp Bucca as .50 Team Mbr; secured 93 sq km/9K US/CF/16K detainees--enhanced convoy ops, - Accomplished DOD directed ILO tng at Ft. Dix, logged 600+ tng hours--prepared to perform detainee op msn, - Assigned Compound Shift Ldr duties; oversaw security/safety of 1K+ detainees--kept peace with no escapes, - Assigned Sgt of Guards; supervised 94 US/Iraqi forces--host nation forces better prepared for detainee op msn, - Assigned to Counterinsurgency tm; collected intel from 500+ detainees--info used to harden Bucca from attack, - Assisted U.S. Army Special Forces by securing 34 detainees during HUMINT interviews--obtained vital intel, - Hand selected from 186 personnel to conduct six convoy missions; escorted 90+ detainees--zero incidents, - Escorted 19 detainees to acft for transport to Cp Bucca; prsnl/route searched & cleared--incident free transport, - Escorted 250+ detainees for appointments at Camp Bucca; searched for wpns--prevented harm to SF/detainees, - Escorted 300+ detainees to/from medical appts; all searched for weapons--prevented any harm to medical staff, - Executed FOB exterior sweeps for escaped detainee; search led to quick capture--attempted escape thwarted, - Diligently provided 100 hrs of ancillary tng to 40 Chenega guards/10 new SF mbrs--proficient/ready for duties, - Deployed to Cp Bucca in support of OEF/OIF; performed detainee ops--safeguarded 22K US prsnl/detainees, - Deployed as Truck CC at Camp Bucca; safeguarded 93 sq km/9K coalition forces--enhanced mission readiness, - Deployed as Sq Ldr to Cp Bucca; safeguarded 21K detainees/2.5K Coalition Forces--supported GWoT tasking, - Completed 33 day ILO predeployment tng; enhanced tactical skills/life saving techniques--prepared for GWoT, - Completed 14 day RTC predeployment tng; enhanced detainment skills and ABD tactics--prepared for ILO msn, - Deployed to Camp As Sayliyah in spt of ILO msn; executed base security--2K prsnl & $1B+ assets protected, - Executed 35 ILO missions at NORMANDY Iraq; critical for the security of USA/CF--thwarted terrorist attacks, - Executed 35 ILO msns at NORMANDY Iraq; critical for security of US Army/Coalition Forces--built int l ties, - Led 13 Amn through Detainee Ops Deployment Training for ILO msn; mentored squad on tactics & discipline, - Led 13 SF through 33 day ILO predeployment tng; enhanced squad ldr tactics--tm prepared for GWoT missions, - Led 13 SF through Ft. Lewis ILO tng; 45 days of Detainee Ops procedures--tng measures implemented/msn met. - Wg leader! - Expanded airpower; sync'd w/A-10's f/OP Winter Hawg/1 pers/2 FOB FP surveys/7 days--extended AFCENT reach - Diffused two domestic disturbances; investigated incidents/detained aggressors--restored order in base housing, - Responded to an emergency 911 call where an individual was attempting to commit suicide at base housing, - Uncanny ability to remain calm and think clearly under intense circumstances quelled a volatile situation, - Volunteered off-duty time to process merchants during two bazaars and perform crime suppression patrols, - Ensured the continued safety of the Eskan populace from potential criminal and terrorist activity, - Patrol response to 2,344 housing units located in five separate areas worth over $3.1B-shields >15K residents, - Detained four personnel for possession of controlled substance/paraphernalia; criminals cited/barred--promote, - Detained Nevada top 25 felon wanted for embezzlement/grand larceny; coord'd extradition--community safe, - Detained subject w/felony warrant; criminal transferred to Pierce County--maintained airtight RP& FP integrity, - Assisted SF Investigations w/narcotics case; searched and transported female suspect--enforced drug free base, - Assisted SFOI; participated in underage alcohol sales/MIP sting--one violator apprehended/processed/charged, - Assisted AFOSI in larceny case; allocated flt resources to investigation--case solved/$13K property recovered, - Detected minor drinking underage in dormitory; subject charged; supported AW's zero tolerance--promote now, - Detected trespasser on MAFB; suspect apprehended & charged with trespassing--efforts lauded by AW ldrship, - Detected trespasser within family housing; suspect apprehended/charged with trespassing--coined by SFS/CC, - Detected unauthorized photography of afld; subject apprehended/Helping Hand thwarted--msn uncompromised, - Detected weapon in vehicle during high risk traffic stop; gun confiscated and suspect arrested--order restored.
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